In vivo test systems

• Muscular disorders
   – aging (sarcopenia)
   – mice , rat , human (biopsy from healthy or sarcopenic volunteer)

• Bone disorders (critical bone defect, osteotomy, fracture, osteoporosis)
   – mice, rat, dog, sheep, rabbit

• Joint disorders - Osteoarthritis  (chemically or surgically induced)
   – mice, rat, dog, sheep, minipig   

• Gastro intestinal disorders (microbiota)
   – mice and rat

• Inflammatory disorders 

• Healthy models
   – mice, rat, dog, sheep, rabbit


• Pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, dose range finding, proof-of-concept studies

• Acute and systemic toxicity studies (sub-acute, sub-chronic and chronic)

• Local effects studies (irritation, sensitization, local Tolerance)

• Safety Pharmacology studies

• Parmacokinetics/Toxicokinetics/Bioavailability/Biodistribution studies



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