"We needed a specific measure for the cartilage degeneration to prove the efficacy of our product. The collaboration with Artialis was a logical choice. "
Yvan Dierckxsens
Sales & Marketing Director - Tilman (Belgium)
"We wanted to know whether oral treatment with polyphenols could decreased serum level of OA biomarkers in DMM mice model and needed results quickly. [Artialis has offered] robust skills, reactivity, and possibility to academic collaboration."
Elsa Mével
PhD Candidate - INSERM U791, Laboratoire d'Ingénierie Ostéo-Articulaire et Dentaire (France)
"Since the biomarker world is very competitive, every work involving new biomarkers should be previously and accurately discussed to tune the interests of the Sponsor with those of Artialis. 

They are on time and flexible [and have] the ability to focus rapidly on the Sponsor requirement. 

[We appreciate the] reliability of data and the open and timely communication. "
Gianfranco Caselli
Director Pharmacology & Toxicology - Rottapharm Biotech (Italy)
"We chose Artialis because of their expertise in the design of in vivo protocol specialized in osteoarthritis. Moreover, it was very well written and Artialis team inspired a lot of confidence. 

[We liked] their dedication to our project, their knowledge in osteoarthritis, their access to a state of the art facility, [and] their knowledge in vivo design protocol (...) I would highly recommend the services of Artialis mainly for their high quality and high involvement. "
Confidential Customer
R&D Project Manager - Confidential Company
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