The Company


Founded in 2010, Artialis is a CRDO, Contract Research and Development Organization, offering preclinical, clinical and biotesting services.

Artialis offers customised solutions and support from the preclinical phase (cell culture models and animal studies) to the postmarketing clinical phase, as well as a wide range of clinical, imaging and biochemical markers to support the development of your products (drugs, medical devices, food supplements...).

Artialis provides scientific expertise, R&D support services and tools for the evaluation of clinical, structural and biological impact of new compounds.

Our areas of expertise are :
Pain, inflammation, immunity, bone, muscle, gut, cartilage, joint health, ageing and metabolism.

Our investigational products are :
Cell therapy (CBMP), gene therapy (GTMP), medical devices, food supplements, drugs, biotics.

Our vision

Putting innovation at the service of your product development.

Our mission

Supporting you in the development of your product from concept to marketing.

Our strength

A diversity of proactive talents with complementary expertise working together.

Our values

Driven by passion, the search for excellence, respect for others and our commitments. Artialis is your trusted partner and leader in the field of human and animal health.

Our background


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