Investigator network & experts

Artialis has built a trusted investigator network having the expertise to conduct clinical trials in our therapeutics area. Our investigators include rheumatologists, orthopaedic surgeons, revalidation and rehabilitation specialists, sport medicine specialists, physiotherapists, geriatricians and gastro-enterologists. Sites facilities are University and private Hospitals from small, mid-size to big institutes.

More than 100 trusted investigators are working with us in Belgium, a country leading the way in clinical trials in Europe, but also in France and Eastern countries.

Artialis will take care of :

  • Country and sites feasibilities with questionnaires and pre-visit

  • Sites identification and selection including pharmacies, laboratories, radiology and PIs

  • Budget negotiation

  • Site contract management

  • Site payment during the trial

  • Subject compensation for visit

Thanks to a extended KOLs and experts network, Artialis can build and manage scientific boards and Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMB) This includes selection, management of contract, charter development, meetings, and reports.



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