Artialis has the expertise to support your clinical research at all stages of product development. We are the only Clinical organization ISO certified focused on studies on MSKage-relatedmicrobiota and nutrition disorders. We drive clinical trials on drugs and ATMPS (Phase 1 to Phase 4 post-market studies), on Medical device (Pre-market and post-market studies), and on food supplements.
We offer full clinical services from A to Z to ensure a smooth execution of your clinical trial. With Artialis as your clinical partner, you will manage only one single provider. You will invest minimal time and resources in the management of your trial, you will reduce your costs, and prevent errors due to complex communication pathways.
Thanks to a transversal structure, we are highly flexible, in continuous communication with you, and able to react quickly to any issue.

Artialis being a Contract Research & Development Organization (CRDO), we are triggered by strong scientific background and rationale. Your trial will be tailor-made with gold standards and innovative parameters such as soluble markers, medical imaging, and mobility. We will advise you on the best parameters to achieve your trial objectives and improve your market goal.

Artialis’ clinical services are detailed below by clicking on each icon.

For more information, contact the head of the clinical department, Dr. Bérénice Costes :


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