Biomarkers portfolio

Artialis proprietary biomarkers

Artialis has exclusive access to patented biomarkers Coll2-1 and Coll2-1NO2, degradative fragments of type-II collagen, that have been qualified according to BIPED classification as biomarkers of osteoarthritis.

Click here to read a summary of Coll2-1 qualification

Click here to read a summary of Coll2-1NO2 qualification


External kits

Specializing in musculoskeletal diseases, Artialis continually extend its portfolio of biomarkers analyses to be assessed in studies.
  • Cartilage degradation
  • Inflammation
  • Bone metabolism
  • Matrix dizorganization

As quality concern, Artialis set up a complete procedure of validation ensuring the robustness and the reproducibility of the results. Each ELISA kit has to satisfy to internal vlaidation in order to be used in prelcinical study, clinical trial, or biomarkers anlayses service.

So far, Artialis includes several validated kits in its portfolio as CTXII, COMP, MMP3, Osteocalcin, HA, MPO, MSD multiplex of cytokines.

Virtually, any commercial kit may be included in the portfolio according to the study objectives and the customer needs.
Available technologies for biomarkers testing service are colorimetric immunoassays as well as electrochemiluminescent multiplex immunoassays using MSD platform.

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