Published on 22/11/2017

Artialis will invest €4 million in sarcopenia research

Artialis will invest €4 million in collaborative research for sarcopenia.  The project DEMAIN, partially granted by Directorate General for Economy, Employment and Research (DGO6) of the Walloon government, proposes an integrated approach for the development of sarcopenia biomarkers.

Sarcopenia refers to the decline of muscle structure and function in the elderly. The disease causes functional disability, decreased quality of life, and increased mortality. In a global context of population aging, it is essential to develop the tools necessary for the prevention of the disease, the development of treatments, and the monitoring of therapeutic interventions.

Artialis is developing an additional expertise with a complete solution of sarcopenia study including a cell study model, a preclinical study model, and a clinical solution offering innovative tools for measuring the effectiveness of treatments such as biomarkers.

This approach is comparable to that currently proposed for osteoarthritis: preclinical and clinical quality studies including innovative parameters to evaluate the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions at metabolic, structural and functional levels.

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