Pain, gait and motion

Artialis has developed a full platform in order to evaluate pain, gait & motion in small animals. This allows in vivo permanent assessment of a treatment efficacy throughout the study.

In vivo evaluation tools

Paw and knee edema

Highly useful tools (plethysmometer & digital caliper) in the measurement of paw and knee edema.


Small animal treadmills used for forced exercise training and accurate testing of fatigue in rodents.

Von Frey

A quick and easy solution based on a simple yet powerful electronic device to determine the mechanical sensitivity threshold in rodents.

Grip test

An easy way to objectively quantify the muscular strength of rodents.


An analgesimeter specially designed for small animals: a must for osteo-arthritis and pain studies.

Dynamic Weight Bearing

Weight bearing in rodents, also named « incapacitance » test, is well known in nociceptive and analgesia research works, and used for studying osteoarthritis (OA) among others disorders. 

The Advanced DWB system offers the possibility of conducting experiments without an operator. It thus reduces the stress on the animal and the need for habituation period. The analysis of 1 animal will take 5 minutes.

With exclusive features, the Advanced DWB opens the way to improved generation of instruments for drugs screening and optimization of preclinical models.

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