High Sensitivity CRP

Product reference : BXE0617A

Product description

C-Reactive protein has traditionally been used to diagnose and monitor acute inflammation. It was named as such for its ability to bind and precipitate the C-polysaccharide of pneumococcus. CRP is synthesized in the liver and is normal present in trace levels in serum or plasma at levels less than 0.3 mg/dl. It has numerous physiological functions similar to those of immunoglobulins and acts as a host defense mechanism.

Elevated levels of CRP are always associated with pathological changes and hence CRP assays have been useful in the diagnosis and monitoring of inflammatory processes and associated diseases. Measurement of CRP by high sensitivity CRP assays adds to the predictive value of other cardiac markers like Myoglobin, CK-MB, cTnI and cTnT to assess the risk of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular diseases.



Sandwich, 96 wells, enzyme-conjugate

Regulation Status


Suitable sample

Serum, Plasma

Sample volume

50 µL







Analytical sensitivity

0.014 µg/ml


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