Phase I and "First-in-man"

In the heart of the University Hospital of Liege, the crossroad of clinical expertise, innovative technology, and pool of healthy volunteers and patients, Artialis offers you access to professional and scientific support to conduct early phases of the development of new molecules in humans.

Clinical pharmacology trials

  • First-In-Man (FIM) and Exploratory Clinical Trials Application (eCTA)
  • Bioequivalence, bioavailability
  • Cardiac safety (ECG Holter, QTc)
  • Food interaction & drug interaction
  • Proof of Concept (efficacy/tolerance)

Facilities & resources

  • Centralized clinical unit with 30 equipped hospital beds
  • Monitoring 24/7 or ambulatory
  • Database of more than 1700 healthy and reliable volunteers (healthy, elderly, obese…)
  • Specialized clinical staff including nurses, investigators, pharmacists, clinical project leaders and scientific experts


In addition to its innovative biomarkers, Artialis gets particular expertise allowing to explore comorbidities in osteoarthritis (Lipid metabolism, glycaemia, and oxidative stress)

Drug administration & patient monitoring

  • NCE (news chemical entities) and NBE (new biological entities)
  • Any route of administration (oral, IP, IV, topic…)
  • Vital signs (temperature, blood pressure and heart rate, respiratory rate)
  • ECG and cardiac monitoring
  • Telemetry (cardiac monitoring, vital signs, CO2)

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