Biomarker testing

• We have a biomarker portfolio of more than 40 biomarkers, validated for use in human, rat, mouse, dog, sheep, and guinea pig samples.

• Our proprietary collagen biomarkers COLL2-1 and COLL2-1NO2 are qualified as biomarkers of osteoarthritis according to BIPED classification. They have been cited in over 37 peer-reviewed publications.

• Biomarkers can be measured in different matrices, including serum, plasma, urine, or synovial fluid.

• In addition to human samples, we offer biomarker measurements in in vitro or in vivo animal models, such as cell culture systems, as well as a variety of different species.

• We propose colorimetric immunoassays (ELISA) and multiplex measurements using MSD or Luminex technology.

• Biomarker validation of commercially available ELISA or multiplex kits by assessing dilution linearity, intra-assay variability, inter-assay variability is possible → please contact us  if you don’t find your biomarker of interest in our portfolio; we can validate virtually any commercially available kit.


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