Soladis and Artialis create partnership around their areas of expertise, enabling their partners to benefit from a synergy of excellence.

Published on 03/07/2015

SOLADIS and ARTIALIS create partnership

Soladis and Artialis have chosen to work together on the following topics: meta-analysis, preclinical and clinical trials, biomarkers, data management and statistics in order to ensure top-quality services to their partners.
Soladis is a study company dedicated to the field of statistics and data. Soladis supports key accounts and SMEs in France and abroad since over 15 years. Soladis’s expertise is applicable on R&D, Production and Marketing projects operative in 3 sectors: life sciences, secondary industries and services. For each mission are combined technical expertise (doctor, biologist, statistician lab or industry marketing analyst) and recognized statistical expertise.
Soladis created a specialized subsidiary in 2015, dedicated to the conduct of clinical studies, Soladis Clinical Studies, which has 15 employees. With its new expertise, Soladis is able to manage different steps of your trials, from protocol drafting to publication of results, and including other services organized around our heart of trade, the statistical analysis.

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