COLL2-1NO2 is associated with incident clinical and radiographic knee OA in overweight and obese women.

Published on 23/04/2015

Coll2-1NO2 for the prognosis of Osteoarthritis

The association between urinary biomarker Coll2-1NO2 and incident knee OA was investigated in the cohort PROOF, a randomized controlled trial with 2.5 years follow-up evaluating the preventive effects of a diet and exercise program and oral glucosamine sulphate (double blind and placebo controlled), on development of incident knee OA in middle-aged overweight and obese women at high risk for knee osteoarthritis without signs of knee OA at baseline.
In overweight and obese middle-aged women, not higher but lower baseline uColl2-1NO2 concentration was significantly associated with an increased risk for incident knee OA.

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